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Training for Transitions

Bradley, Jamie (408) 522-2488 Special Education Teacher

Academic Communications

AC is about helping the students to navigate the high school environment. We focus on role-playing, use the Social Thinking curriculum (Michelle Garcia-Winner), use video modeling, have behavior support/modification instruction, organization strategies, work on ways to control emotion and also how to be self advocates.  Each class begins with Personal Accountability (PA), when the students check all of their binders for any loose papers (and put them away), and look at planners to determine if they are tracking homework assignments.  Once a week, students use School Loop to check their current grades and any missing assignments.  Weekly, the behaviorist, Molly Siprasoeuth, joins the class for a group emotional support session.  Following PA, teacher begins instruction on current unit.  Units include: IEP understanding, Emotions, Behavior Mapping, Asking for Help, Hygiene, etc.  When general ed teachers communicate specific needs for students, the class moves to a unit covering that behavior as soon as possible.  AC teacher is also the case manager for all students in the AC program, and is the only case manager who carries students through all four years.  This builds strong relationships with both the students and their parents.  Teachers are encouraged to share concerns about students.

Gauthier, Joanna (408) 522-2488 ex.3874 Special Education Teacher

Gateway: Credit Recovery and Gateway: Horizons

Gateway Recovery is a credit recovery class - typically for juniors and seniors - who are behind in graduation credits, but are still within reasonable reach of graduating.  Individual students are able to work at their own pace through FUHSD  developed curriculum in either history or literature/writing  (more to be added in the future).  Courses are broken into Semester A/B, and students are signed up specifically for the section of the course they need to complete.  All work is completed through an online learning program, OddyseyWare.  Lessons follow this pattern: read a section, complete an online worksheet relating to it.  After three lessons there is typically a quiz or writing prompt.  Once a student is done with the course they are making up, they are able to un-enroll in the course (thus why it is offered during 7 block).


Gateway Horizons is a small independent study course that models the district’s Horizons program. Students work on course work independently, and work at their own pace. Students may earn core content credit along with elective credit.  Gateway Horizons is intended to offer students a safe and nurturing environment, and an opportunity to feel successful at school.

Agredano, Ricardo (408) 522-3147 Special Education Teacher
Gauthier, Joanna (408) 522-2488 ex.3874 Special Education Teacher
Hajjarian, Payam (408) 522-2488 ex.3876 Special Education Teacher

TEC 1 Course Description

This class utilizes the “Why Try” curriculum while attempting to increase students engagement and reinvigorate or create a love of learning. The teaching team utilizes various teaching methods to best fit the students, while in the small group setting, attempting to improve decision making skills and helping shape a more constructive and positive outlook the students have on their own futures. 

TEC 2 Course Description

This class is intended for students who have been unable to make progress in academics due to emotional instability, impulsivity, interpersonal problems, or just confused about themselves.  The class offers academic support through tutorial and one to one assistance, but is heavily filled with cognitive and behavioral therapy, also known as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

TEC Staff

Aschenbach, Melissa (408) 522-2488 Special Education Teacher
Lowenthal, Kimberly Teacher
Pyle, Damaris (408) 408-2495 Student Advocate