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Sites-web français

France & Spain Trip 2017

Paris to Barcelona  note  this is not a school sponsored trip

France & Spain Trip 2013

Versailles group photo Tour Eiffel fast-food patisserie?! Louvre group photo Pont du Gard Crepe au chocolat Tossa del Mar, Espagne Ecole de Tarragona, Espagne Futbol Club Barcelona Paella Barcelona group photo
Status area

Janene Rich

Bonjour a tous!

Bienvenue à ma site!  Ici, vous pouvez regarder les infos de tous les cours de Français au Lycée Fremont.  Vous pouvez également obtenir des infos de moi et l'etude de la langue française.  Amusez-vous!

Welcome to my website!  Here, you may look up information for all the French classes at Fremont High School.  You can also obtain information about me and the study of the French language.  Enjoy!

Mes horaires de bureau (My Office Hours):


For Student Help / Make-Up Work:

  • Mardi (tuesday) FLEX (No make-up tests / quizzes)
  • Mercredi (wednesday) FLEX (No make-up tests / quizzes)
  • Vendredi (friday) 8h35 - 9h15
  • Sur rendez-vous (By appointment)

For Parent-Teacher Conferences: please contact me to make an appointment

Le Français en été!

Voici quelques suggestions pour continuer vos études français en été et pour éviter un creux de l'été:

Here are some suggestions to continue your French studies over the summer and to avoid a summer slump:

  • Aller à une colonie de vacances (Go to a summer camp): There are several language camps that I know of, but you might find more online
  • S'inscrire à l'Alliance Française de Silicon Valley (Join the Silicon Valley's French Alliance): This is a French community group that promotes French language and Francophone cultures in the Bay Area.  They offer language enrichment classes in Campbell and hold fun events throughout the year.  Membership is $20 for the year ($60 for the family, so get your parents / siblings involved too!)
  • Faire des leçons de Duolingo (Do Duolingo lessons): a FREE online web & app program.  Take a placement test to start with lessons at your level.  Be careful of spelling & accents, if you miss one little mark it is counted wrong.  Three mistakes on a lesson and you loose!  Be sure to add me as a friend, madamerich, so I can follow your progress all summer (and you can follow mine in SPANISH!)
  • Emprunter des livres / BD / vidéos de la bibliothèque... ou MOI (Borrow books / comics / videos from the library... or ME): the local Library is a great resource for French materials.  Check out the language section of the Children's library to read children's books in French, which work at any level!  You can also check out books from my personal library in the French classroom :-)
  • Regarder / écouter des émissions francophones (Watch / listen to Francophone shows):  There are two websites that have lots of French programming that I like:
    • explore their website.  there is so much to do (shows, news, games, cartoons, music, etc) but the best is the lessons they prepare with their programs.  Go to (or from the main page choose "langue française" -> "apprendre") to find video clips paired with activities at every level (1 = débutant, 2 = élémentaire, 3 = intermédiaire, 4H & 5AP = avancé)
    • France's version of NPR.  Explore their site to listen to podcasts from their programs.  You can also go to their sister stations France Bleu (Radio France's local stations), France musique, France culture, France info, and Mouv' (Radio France for the young audience)
  • Écouter des musiciens francophones (Listen to Francophone musicians): there are so many to explore!  My suggestion is to create a station with one of these popular artists on Pandora and thumbs down any English artists that play.  Thumbs up the French artists you like and soon you'll have French only web-radios.  Let me know any other artists you discover and I will add them to the list!
    • Stromae (hip-hop / electronic / house)
    • Indila (pop / raï / world-music)
    • Zaz (jazz)
    • Kassav' (zouk / caribbean music)
    • Cœur de pirate (pop)
    • Edith Piaf (classic French)
    • Maître Gims (rap)
    • MC Solaar (rap)
    • Joe Dassin (classic pop)
    • Mireille Mathieu (classic pop)
  • Suivre des YouTubers francophones (Follow Francophone YouTubers): YouTube is full of great French-speaking stations.  Below are some of my favorites, but if you find others you like, let me know and I will add them to the list!
    • Cyprien (talks about all kinds of subjects and is very silly)
    • Norman Fait des Vidéos (similar to Cyprien)
    • Andy (one of the biggest French female YouTubers, always does her talks in a A vs B format, very entertaining)
    • Horia (self-proclaimed "youtubeuse beauté", explores various topics but always with a comical twist)
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C'est moi Marie!

Mme. Rich's Brief Bio

Mme. Rich was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago called Naperville. Even from birth, during an unseasonal blizzard in April, she was passionate about life and all the endeavors she did. During high school she participated in many extra-curricular activities. She was a member of the Girl's Golf team, Pep Club, Theater troupe, French Club, National Honors Society, National French Honors Society and REACH (a club teaching teenagers to make responsible decisions regarding Drugs, Alcohol and Relationships).  She enjoyed her studies of the French language so much that she participated in the French exchange program her sophomore, junior and senior years, hosting all three years and visiting France her junior and senior years.  As a result of her experiences in the exchange program, she fell in love with the language and culture and knew that it would always be a part of her life.

After high school, she did her undergraduate work at University of California, Santa Barbara.  UCSB was a world away from Naperville, IL and her experiences there helped her understand how large and diverse the United States is.  At UCSB, she double majored in Math and French, hoping to one day teach one or both of the subjects.  As part of her studies, she attended the University of Toulouse where she studied French litterature, history and the French education system.  She also worked her senior year as a high school math intern at Santa Barbara High School. After graduating from UCSB, she came to Fremont High School to teach both French and Math while she finished up her credential work at San Jose State.  After teaching Math and French, she was able to take over the French program and is currently working on the promotion of the study of French language and culture. 


When she isn't working, she is often found checking out the latest good film, enjoying the fresh air in in the countryside or trying out a new recipe.  She also enjoys traveling and is always ready to explore a new area.

Where to Find Me...

Block 1 French 4H / 5AP Room 20
Block 2 French 2 

Room 20

Block 3 French 2

Room 20

Block 4 French 3 Room 20
Block  5 ERAP Room 20 or World Language Office
Block 6 French 1 Room 22
Block 7 ERAP  Room 20 or World Language Office