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Fremont T&F 2018


We strive for all student-athletes to have a happy, healthy, confidence-building experience, each year in our program

Fall Conditioning

SUMMER CONDITIONING schedule updates

Workout schedule update, beginning Tuesday, June 19th, meet in Visitor-side stands);

  • Tuesday, Wednesday workout from 6:00 to 7:00
    • Base conditioning workout, followed by skills (especially for those who want to learn new events)
    • Show-up at 5:45 and warm-up on your own
      • 2-laps
      • 1-times; A-skip, butt kicks, Carioca, Sideways jacks, backwards run
      • Lap of in & outs
  • Every Saturday at 9:30am, meet at Fremont, go to Rancho, beginning June 9th
  • No workout on July 4th

Samantha Represents @ State

Samantha jumps to State



(Phoenix Conditioning)


Summer Conditioning is organized by Coach Shields (head coach, Track & Field) using his non-profit USA Track & Field club, Phoenix Conditioning. This is the 14th year of this free training program. Attendance is completely optional. For those who are serious about competing as a student-athlete at the collegiate level, it is suggested you plan a committed level of attendance and share your commitment schedule with Coach Shields, as opposed to random attendance. 

  • Workout schedule beginning Monday, June 4th (meet in Visitor-side stands);
    • Monday, Tuesday, workout from 6:00 to 7:00
      • Base conditioning workout, followed by skills (especially for those who want to learn new events)
      • Show-up at 5:45 and warm-up on your own
        • 2-laps
        • 1-times; A-skip, butt kicks, Carioca, Sideways jacks, backwards run
    • Every Saturday at 9:30am, meet at Fremont, go to Rancho, beginning June 9th
    • No workout on July 4th


  • Weight room schedule, beginning Saturday, June 9th (subject to change)
    • Saturday, after Rancho run, with Coach Shields
    • Starting June 11th: Monday, Wednesday, 8:00am to 9:30am with Coach Miranda

Senior Awards

Here are the qualifications to earn the Firebird Relays Scholarship;


  1. Must have 4-seasons of FHS Track & Field, with 90% attendance
  2. Individual league championship once, at any level or league runner up once, at any level. Includes being a member of a relay. - OR - Have 4-year Winter Conditioning, Track & Field season, Summer Conditioning combined workout percentage of 100%
  3. Must have been a team captain or co-captain in one of their years on the team
  4. Must be accepted to a 4-year college/university, but not on an athletic scholarship.
  5. Must have applied for financial aid to attend the 4-year college/university
  6. Must have a minimum 2.50 weighted GPA
  7. Must have taken the SAT or the ACT


CCS Preliminaries, Gilroy

CCS preliminary results;

Event                    Student-Athletes

Girls Long Jump, Samantha Louie qualified for CCS Finals with the 9th longest jump of the day

Girls High Jump, Samantha Louie qualified for CCS Finals with an 8-way tie for 1st place1

Sprinters: Shou Shimaya and Leroy Duncan end their season as 2 of the top-20 sprinters in CCS

  • In the 100m dash: Shou Shimaya ends up #18 out of over 1800 boys to run the event in CCS this year
  • In the 200m dash, Leroy Duncan finishes #17 in over 1700 boys to run the event this season

Boys High Jump: Alex Cassidy, cleared 6'00" for the second meet in a row. Pushing him on to CCS finals

Girls Triple Jump:

  • Samantha Louie finished with the 5th longest jump, advancing her to CCS Finals
  • Freshman, Briana Fedkiw did not advance to finals, but she finished 18th in her fist CCS event

Girls Shot put: Amanda Liu threw over 30 ft for her 3rd meet in a row, but did not advance. 

300m Hurdles: Brenda Blanco both finished the season ranked 10th in CCS. Brenda, who has the 5th fastest time in CCS this season, was hampered by an ankle injury incurred during warm-up. 

Girls 4x400m Relay: comprised of Sr. Brenda Blanco and 3 freshmen, Natalie.Waelty, Bridget.Waelty and Briana Fedkiw, ran the 10th fastest time in school history

SCVAL CCS Qualifier

CCS Qualifying Firebirds

CCS prelims, Saturday, May 19th, in Gilroy (link)


We will leave Fremont at 7:30am

Running events start at 11:00, Field Events at 10:00


Note if not travelling at 7:30 The earlier you leave, the better the traffic. Please don't make the mistake of planning to casually waltz into Gilroy in the afternoon, 30 minutes before your event: it won't happen. There's too much traffic, too little parking and you cannot warm-up on the track. There's a specified warm-up area. If you are coming later in the day, plan to leave 3 1/2 hours before your event starts


Time               Event            Student-Athletes

10:10a  Girls Long Jump, Samantha Louie

10:20a  Girls High Jump, Samantha Louie (choice)

1:45p    100m dash: Shou Shimaya

2:00p    Boys High Jump: Alex Cassidy

2:05p    Girls Triple Jump: Samantha Louie, Briana Fedkiw

2:15p    Girls Shot put: Cassius Fiaui, Amanda Liu

2:30p    Girls 300mH: Brenda Blanco

2:45p    Boys 300mH: Idreece Barnes

3:15p    Boys 200m dash: Leroy Duncan

4:30p    Girls 4x400m Relay: Blanco, N.Waelty, Windham, B.Waelty (Behrens, Gough)




SCVAL/CCS Qualifier

Santa Clara Valley Athletic League (SCVAL) Championships/CCS Qualifier

Schedule & order of events (link)

(Friday, 3:30pm - Meet at the Track shed, leave from Westside Drive at 3:45)


SCVAL is made up of 14 high schools from its 2 sub-leagues;

  • El Camino League: Fremont, Homestead, Monta Vista, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Wilcox, Saratoga
  • De Anza League: Mountain View, Gunn, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Milpitas, Los Gatos, Lynbrook

The combined top 16 performers, in each Varsity event, from the De Anza League meet and the El Camino league meet, are the competitors in this Championship event. FSB & JVG competitors, from the smaller league meets, can be pulled into Varsity relays for the SCVAL meet.


The top-6 finishers in the SCVAL meet, automatically qualify for CCS preliminaries


Fremont qualifiers for SCVAL (Friday, May 11th, 4:30pm, Santa Clara HS)

  • 4x100m Relay: VB, #5 seed – Shimaya, Duncan, Jackson, Barnes (Montanez, Cassidy)
  • 1600m Run: VG 1st alternate, Bridget Waelty
  • 100mH: VG, #8 seed, Brenda Blanco
  • 110mHH: VB, #13 seed, Idreese Barnes
  • 400m run. None
  • 100m Dash: VB, #2 seed, Shou Shimaya, #4 seed, Leroy Duncan
  • 800m run: none
  • 300mH:
    • VG, #3 seed, Brenda Blanco
    • VB, #16 seed (#5 from prelims), Idreese Barnes
  • 200m Dash
    • VB, #5 seed, Leroy Duncan
    • VG, #13 seed, Natalie Waelty
  • 3200m run: VG, #13 seed, Bridget Waelty
  • 4x400m Relay:
    • VB: Idreese Barnes, Frank Wang, Yash Gajula, Christian Vargas, (Leroy Duncan, Zach Oren)
    • VG: Brenda Blanco, Natalie Waelty, Kate Gough, Brdiget Waelty (Hanna Chellali, Becca Behrens (?), Samantha Louie (if jumps are done)
  • Shot put:
    • VG: #5 seed, Cassius Fiaui, #6 seed, Amanda Liu, #10 seed, Suzi Otala
    • VB, #11 seed, Morris Paterson, #15 seed, Warren Liu 
  • Long Jump:
    • VG, #1 seed Samantha Louie, #5 seed Brian Fedkiw
  • Triple Jump;
    • VG, #1 seed Samantha Louie, #4 seed Brian Fedkiw, #14 seed Zara Dayal
  • Discus;
    • VG: #10 seed, Cassius Fiaui
    • VB: #15 seed, Jeroma Varelas
  • High Jump;
    • VG, #2 seed, Samantha Louie, Tied for #1 alternate, Zara Dayal
    • VB, #9 seed, Alex Cassidy, tied for #2 alternate, Jules Merigot


El Camino League Championships

  • Monday, April 30th, El Camino League Championships, prelims, at Homestead HS.
    • Out of class at 1:45 Field Events start at 3:00, running events at 3:30
  • Wednesday, May 2nd, El Camino League Championships, Finals, at Homestead HS (Qualifier limited).
    • Out of class at 1:45. Field Events start at 3:00, running events at 3:30

Meet line-up and schedule will be handed out in April 27th practice.

Meet schedule can be viewed on page 4 of this link

Senior Day vs Cupertino

The Firebird Varsity Girls, F/S Boys and JV Girls, took care of Cupertino in the last dual meet of the season.The varsity boys came up a little short as they are still coming back to full strength.

The final dual meet of the season was also the final home meet of the season, so it was Senior Day.

These are the seniors who were honored:


Phoenix four-year warriors;

  • Jeroma Varelas
  • Tommy Gomez
  • Samantha Louie
  • Shou Shimaya
  • Brenda Blanco
  • Suzi Otala
  • Melissa Navarette
  • Nazmiye Ornelas
  • Alyssa Maes
  • L.B. Warren Liu
  • Nathan Chen

Three year no-fear Firebirds

  • Frank Wang
  • Frankie Montanez
  • Aayush Patel
  • Esmeralda Castrejon
  • Cindy Tran
  • Dee-Dee Jones

Two years of fun, then done

  • Leroy Duncan

Finally one & done, after multi-seasons of cameo appearances

  • Carlos Gonzalez
  • Francisco Asuncion

One and done seniors

  • Jose Salgado
  • Christian De Guzman
  • Anderson Flores



Spring Break Training Schedule


All Spring Break workouts are optional. However, since all of your coaches are off-campus coaches, with off-campus jobs, these workouts will follow the same schedule as the regular weekly workouts.


Show-up to find out which of our Firebirds qualify to compete in the elite Top Eight meet on Saturday, April 21st at Los Gatos HS

Fremont @ Aragon Dons' Invite

Saturday, April 7th, the Fremont Firebirds heated up the Aragon Don’s Invitational, resulting in a 1st place tie in total points, with the host school. The two schools out performed 23 other high schools in the high scoring battle.


With just a little bit of rain in the morning, the mostly sunny day saw the Firebirds take 1st place in three of the 4 divisions; Varsity Boys 1st, Varsity Girls 1st and FS Girls 1st.


The Firebird boys and girls set 11 meet records on the way to collecting 52 medals. The girls relay squads set 4 meet records (Varsity girls 3, Fr/So girls 1).


A very impressive compilation of points after only two days rest from a hard-fought dual meet against Monta Vista.


Aragon Dons’ Invitational point totals (link to meet results);

           1            Aragon                       303

               2            Fremont                      303

               3            Lowell                       156

               4            American                     109

               5            Livermore                    108

               6            George Washington            87

               7            Adrian Wilcox                81

               8            Cupertino                    74

               9            San Mateo                    71

               10           Mercy (Burlingame)           66

               11           Lynbrook                     59

               12           Hillsdale                    56

               13           Head-Royce                   53

               14           Henry M. Gunn                33

               15           Redwood Christian            30

               16           California School for the D  29

               17           Capuchino                    20

               18           Downtown College Prep        13

               19           Jefferson                    11

               20           Terra Nova                   10

               21           Burlingame                   6

               22           Newark Memorial              2


The next meet will be Wednesday, April 11th at Santa Clara.



FREmont vs HOMestead Photos


For most student-athletes, the season is 1/2 over. However, for some of our elite performers, the season is less than 1/2 over when accounting for the ECL Championship, SCVAL CCS qualifiier, CCS prelims, CCS Finals and State. Referencing those student-athletes, we take a look at Firebirds currently ranked in the CCS Top 20 (varsity marks);


  • Senior jumper, Samatha Louie; ranked 4th in the Triple Jump, 5th in the High Jump and 7th in the Long Jump
  • Senior Hurdler/Sprinter, Brenda Blanco: ranked 4th in the 300m hurdles, ranked 19th in the 100m hurdles
  • Senior sprinter, Shou Shimaya; ranked 14th in the 100m dash
  • Sophomore thrower, Cassious Fiaui: ranked 18th in the shot put
  • Freshman jumper/sprinter, Briana Fedkiw: ranked 15th in the Triple Jump and ranked 20th in the Long Jump

This list will expand as some of our injured performers heal, and as our relays mature.



Firebird Relays 2018

Firebird Relays Update

Final Numbers;

  • Over 1500 student-athletes participated, accompanied by over 100 coaches
    • over 2500 entries 
  • Approximately 900 paying spectators 
  • There were 39 high schools represented
    • Fremont Varsity Boys finished 10th
    • The Varsity Girls finished 5th
    • The Fr/So Boys finished 11th
    • The Fr/So Girls finished 3rd  
    • Over-all, the team finished 7th out of 39 schools
  • Meet results can be seen at (link)

Go Firebirds!

Basic Team Rules


·       Student-athletes should always drink water during the day and bring water to practice and track meets. They should drink 1/3 their body weight number, in ounces each day (E.g.; a 100 pound student- athlete should drink 33 ounces (1-liter) of water per day.


·     Students should always eat something for breakfast, and eat real food, not junk food, for lunch.


·     The student-athletes should always let the coaches know if they are hurting or injured.


·     Rules of PARTICIPATION

  • Registration: ( 

Students must register for the sport through Athletic Clearance, in School Loop. The Athletic Director will forward a list of registered athletes the week after practice starts. Those not registered, will be sent home.

  • Physicals:

§    In order to practice or compete, our student athletes must have physicals and have

filled out Student Information sheets. There were pre-season meetings and fliers stating these items need to be in on or before the 1st day of practice (Feb 3rd). At the very latest, the items must be completed by the Monday after the Winter Break (February 27th).

  • Attendance;

§     We do not cut student-athletes from the team based on performance. However, we will cut them for disrespecting team mates and disrespecting staff OR for low attendance


·     Less than 85% attendance will be cause removal from the team. There are plenty of extra point opportunities


o Certain stressful workouts, Friday practices and Saturday meets count as 2- for-1 attendance days.


o Scheduled workouts during school breaks, non-meet Saturdays and holidays are optional, and do not count against attendance. However, these workouts count as an extra attendance if the student-athlete attends


o Weekday dual meets count as 2-for-2 days. Meaning, if someone misses the meet, it’s the same as missing two days

  • With all of the additional opportunities for attendance points, one who truly wants to be in the sport should be able to stay on the team, even with a part time job.
  • The student-athlete must maintain the 85% percentage AND compete in at least 3 meets in order to get credit for the sport


Club sports: Student-athletes will not be given attendance credit for club sports. It is suggested the student-athlete not compete in other club-sports during the T&F season. Track & Field training is very demanding, yet counts on key “unload periods” to peak the athlete. These unload periods should not be thought of as opportunities for extra workouts or to go to other sport tournaments.


o If the club sport is already paid for and underway, please try to work with us to mesh the schedules and training. The student will still be responsible for the 85% attendance


       Miscellaneous; Giving blood, mutual trust & respect


o If possible, it is suggested to not give blood during the season. The student-athlete is giving away benefits of workouts with each pint. The body has to work hard to replenish, which effects workout/meet recovery, plus the student has just given away a portion of a key component of the cardio-vascular system, which we’ve been working so hard to strengthen.


o Student-athletes and their parents are expected to show mutual respect and trust for coaches, school administration, teachers, meet officials, parent-supporters and teammates. Infractions will be reviewed by coaches and school administrations after T&F Captains input. The final decisions will be that of the T&F coaching staff.


o Always practice good sportsmanship and mutual respect towards competitors


Go Firebirds!

Fremont Coaching Staff

Parents question: "WHO IS COACHING MY KID?!?"

Fremont Coaches

(FYI: USATF = “USA Track & Field”, the governing body for T&F in the United States, including the Olympic teams.

NHSF = National High School Federation). TACUSA = The Athletic Congress of the United States of America


Head Coach, program coordinator, Girls & Boys: Mark Shields 

  • Certifications: USATF level 1 coach, TACUSA level 1 coach, NHSF certified interscholastic coach.
  • Coaching experience. 4-yr. NCAA-D1 assistant*, FHS Track coach; 2005 until present. Head coach from 2006 until present. XC coordinator 2008-thru-2015, Head XC coach 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015

    • * Oklahoma State University; 1988-1992, Sprint/Hurdles, MD asst., lead-coach for T&F/XC Strength & Conditioning, and Cross Country assistant. Member of OSU Track and Cross Country staff, under Dick Weis. Additionally cross-trained university football & basketball players on speed, agility and plyometrics. Four years in OSU T&F as a 400 meter intermediate hurdler. 

  • Full-time job: Semiconductor Engineering Project Manager. He has worked at Applied Materials, SunPower Corporation and Lam Research Corp. during the previous 13-seasons.


  • Jumps Coach, Girls & Boys: Rand Crippen, NHSF certified interscholastic coach.

    ·       Coaching Experience; Coach Crippen is a well-known jumps-coaching resource around the South Bay Area and the Peninsula. In his 25-years of regional coaching, he has coached at multiple junior colleges and high schools in the Bay Area. In addition, he has been a captain on several of our SCVAL Corporate-coaches teams (8 corporate national championships since 2000). He is an accomplished Masters Track & Field Jumper/sprinter, and is a retired Apple programmer, having also worked for Intel.


    Throws Coach, Girls & Boys: Chuck Herrera, NHSF certified interscholastic coach.

    ·       Coaching Experience; Coach Herrera has returned to coach throws. He was Fremont’s throws coach or assistant from 2003 to 2009, coaching several CCS candidate throwers. He’s a 1996 graduate of Fremont High. Coach Herrera supports the Strength and Conditioning staff at Fremont and works Campus Security.


    Hurdles/Middle Distance/distance and Relays Asst. Coach, Girls & Boys: Fitzgerald Nocon (Fitz)

    ·   Coaching certification: USATF level 1 coach, NHSF certified interscholastic coach.

    • Coaching Experience; this is Coach Nocon’s 8th year of coaching at Track at Fremont. “Fitz” also coached the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Cross Country teams. He is a 2008 graduate of FHS. Coach Nocon only ran track in his senior year at Fremont; he learned to run hurdles in 1-month and went to SCVAL/CCS Qualifier in the 300mH, and both relays. Fitz has his degree from San Jose State and works full-time as a physical therapist at O’Connor Hospital

  • Sprints/Relays/middle distance/distance asst. Coach, Adam Miranda: NHSF certified interscholastic coach

    Coaching Experience; this will be Coach Miranda’s 4th year supporting the Track & Field program, after his 4th year of supporting the FHS XC program. Adam is Fremont class of 2013. He is currently finalizing his Engineering degree at San Jose State University. Adam was a two-year Track captain during his time at Fremont.


    Volunteer Coaching assistant, Jeff Rohrer: Certifications: USATF level 1 coach, NHSF certified interscholastic coach. This is Coach Rohrer’s 4th year of direct support in coaching Fremont Cross Country/T&F. Jeff and his wife Rachel (3-yr team Mom) put three daughters through Fremont, and into 4-year universities. Their daughter Heather (2013) ran Cross Country at the University of Hawaii. Jeff is an accomplished masters distance runner, and is a full time Engineering Manager at Thermo-Fischer Scientific.


Volunteer Hurdles/Middle Distance/distance & Relays Asst. Coach, Girls & Boys: Regina De Cesare (Gina)

·   Coaching certification: USATF certified level 1 coach, NHSF certified interscholastic coach

  • Coaching Experience; Gina is in her 8th year of coaching at FHS. She is a 2009 graduate of FHS. During her time as a student-athlete at Fremont, Gina scored varsity points in 11 of the 15 possible scoring events. Gina was the team Treasurer for the San Jose State University track club when she competed there. She has a Sports Medicine degree. She will be continuing-on to her Master’s degree, and to onto “Dr. Gina”. Gina was the head coach for Fremont’s 2012 XC team, & co-head coach for the 2014 & 2015 XC teams.

There could be new coaches this season, pending training classes and fingerprinting clearances. In addition, Coach De Cesare may skip the season, continuing her studies toward becoming "Dr. Gina".

  • Luis Cordero (FHS 2015, Rochester Institute of Technology) and Jaydino Angeles (FHS 2016, De Anza College) are the candidates for new assistants.

Related websites and information website link for Fremont Track & Field on Athletic.Net


Legacy T&F photos and videos back to 2008. Located on the old Fremont T&F Google site


Over-all Bay Area T&F information is available at


Link to one of many articles showing the positive Effects of Athletic participation, on academic performance


Coach Shields contact;

  • FHS Coaching email:
  • Cell: *408-691-3898, *(student-athletes who are not captains or co-captains: do not call or text with questions unless you have first asked your question to team captains/co-captains and/or have checked the website for the information)

2018 Meet Schedule

Items in red are home meets. Items in green are away dual meets.

Blue font is a recent update

** Weekday away meets: we load on Westside Ave., the street behind the Visitors stadium stands.

** Saturday meets: we load in the parking lot by pool & the big gym

  • Scrimmage: Andy Anderson Relays @ Santa Clara, Tuesday, February 27th (excused from class 1:45)
  • Saturday, March 3rd, 9:00, Rust Buster Invitational, Monta Vista High School (meet @ 7:15am)
  • Tuesday, March 6th, 3:30 ECL dual meet, Saratoga @ Fremont (excused from class 1:45)
  • Saturday, March 17th, St. Francis Invitational (Qualifier limited). Meet in Fremont parking lot at 6:45.
  • Tuesday, March 20th, 3:30: ECL dual meet: Wilcox @ Fremont (excused from class 1:45)
  • Saturday, March 24th, 8:30am to 6:30pm, Firebird Relays (CIF Sanctioned Invitational). Meet on track @ 7:00
  • Tuesday, March 27th, 3:30, Dual meet Fremont @ Homestead (excused from class 1:45)
  • Saturday, March 31st, 9:00am Quicksilver Classic @ Leland HS (meet @ 7:00am)
  • Thursday, April 5th, 3:30, ECL double-dual meet: Santa Clara and Fremont @ Monta Vista (excused from class 1:45)
  • Saturday, April 7th, 8:30am, 1st Annual Aragon Dons Invtational @ Aragon HS, Sam Mateo,  (meet @ 6:45am)
  • Wednesday, April 11th, Fremont @ Santa Clara (might be Senior Day for SC
  • Saturday, April 21st, Top 8 Classic (Extremely qualifier limited): meet in Fremont parking lot at 2:00pm
  • Wednesday, April 25th, Dual meet, Cupertino @ Fremont (excused from class 1:45)
  • Monday, April 30th, El Camino League Championships, prelims, at Homestead HS. Out of class at 1:45. Field Events start at 3:00, running events at 3:30
  • Wednesday, May 2nd, El Camino League Championships, Finals, at Homestead HS (Qualifier limited). Out of class at 1:45. Field Events start at 3:00, running events at 3:30
  • Friday, May 11th, SCVAL Championships (Qualifier limited)
    • 5:00 field events
    • 5:30pm running events
  • Wednesday May 23rd, FREMONT T&F POT LUCK AWARD DINNER, at 5:00pm, Baylands Park
  • Saturday, May 19th, CCS prelims (Qualifier limited)
  • Friday, May 25th, CCS Finals (Qualifier limited)
  • CIF State Meet Friday-Saturday, June 1st and 2nd